IoT in Plant Tissue

IOT in Plant TissueTissue culture is a process of producing clones of plants in an in -vitro aseptic culture of tissues, cells, organs or whole plant under controlled nutritional and environmental conditions. Plant tissue culture is being widely used for large scale plant multiplication. IOT in Plant Tissue Culture is a method of in vitro culture of plant parts like a cell, tissue organ, etc. in a well-defined sterile condition. Maintenance of this sterile condition is the most important part of the technique. The process of this sterilization condition is the basic hectic tasks for a tissue culturist. The Preparation of culture media, Inoculation of thousands of plants and preventing contamination are the main targets need to be controlled in the tissue culture environment.

Apart from research over plants, IOT in plant tissue culture techniques also have importance in the area of plant propagation, disease elimination, plant improvement and production of secondary metabolites. With the development of  IoT equipment and sensor-enabled internet system, it became quite easy to control climatic conditions of the incubation chamber.

In Ajath, we provide the digital solution for the control and monitor of climatic conditions according to the requirements lab automated process makes the process easy and saves time. This digital solution provides automation in the lab and makes the process easy and saves time. we also provide apps that can control the climatic condition and also helps in accurate measuring of pH. The identification of contamination can also monitor with the help of a digital solution.