IoT in Climate Control

In industries where process like fermentation, pasteurization and in incubation chambers, plays an important part in the manufacturing of products, here monitoring of climatic factors is very significant. because a little fluctuation in humidity, ph, temperature or light intensity for a while can alter the process and completely made changes in the quality of the final developed product. so control over the climatic conditions is very necessary for these industries.

In tissue culture laboratories, especially in the incubation chamber, a little variation in temperature, humidity, photoperiod or light intensity directly affect the growth and germination of the plants. so accurate measurement of these climatic factors is necessary for these laboratories. In the food and brewery and enzyme manufacturing industry, fermentation is the most crucial part. because  Temperature, pH and dissolved oxygen are the important parameters that affect the process of fermentation and alter the quality of the final product.

In ajath, we provide the technological solution to monitor these climatic factors, we provide digital equipment for the accurate measurement of temperature, humidity, ph, light-intensity, etc climatic factors. Our digital solution those are mainly connected with flow cytometry, pH meter, and a digital thermometer, not only control and monitor the parameters but also save the previous variation record in graphical representation. It helps to analyze and understand the problem and so that the required changes can be made.  Monitoring of these climatic parameters with the help of a digital smart solution is not only a cheap and convenient method but it also increases the quality of the product.