HVAC Solution

HVAC solutionFor the HVAC Solution industry, IoT involves better managed, maintained, connected and efficient systems. Its goal is to give thermal comfort and acceptable indoor air quality.

Home Wifi can be utilized for this.

Internet-connected heating and cooling systems have the capacity to continuously observe conditions and system functionality with the help of smart sensors. But it truly means more than just a connected system – it means a smarter environment involved in constant communication. Heating, purifying, and air conditioning (HVAC Solution) is the technology of indoor environmental support. The user can create many distinct weekly temperature schedules and control multiple thermostats (in the same house or off-site locations) from a single app.


These days you no longer desire to physically touch the systems in your house to manage them.

We at Ajath are working on various sensor based device development for estimating temperature, air quality and integrate them through a mobile app.