The best 6 free Partner Relationship Management Software

The best 6 free Partner Relationship Management Software

Partner Relationship Management is a software which is designed to help businesses to manage their relationship with partners, distributors and resellers. It makes the process of collaboration, communicating and data sharing easy between company and their partners.

Here are six free Partnership Relationship Management Software –

1. Impartner

Impartner PRM solutions helps the companies across the world to manage their relationship with distributors, partners and resellers that helps accelerating revenue and profit. They have a team of experienced professionals who helps in combining channel with technologies to create a perfect partner experience. In today’s era, channel teams across the world are getting an advantage at every step of channel management. They provide their services to Splunk, Honeywell and many others.


ZINFI helps technology providers and their channel partners to grow rapidly and affordably by automating channel management processes across the world. Their speciality is in Partner Recruitment, Partner

Engagement, Partner Management, Channel Marketing Automation, Partner Relationship Management, Partner Marketing Management and many more.

3. Crossbeam

Crossbeam views the environment and immediately gives the data that will close your next deal. You should book more revenue with the partners you already have and make sure you are focusing on the right partnerships. They work in four steps which are Partner up,

share the data, mapping accounts and driving sales. They believe in closing more deals and shortening sales cycle.

4. Everflow

Everflow helps tracking the costs and partner performance easily. They are able to figure out what offers are working and why they are working and then they make key optimizations. They provide a platform that can manage partnership relationships, track the performance from every marketing channel, and analyse the results to make marketing decisions.

5. PartnerTap

PartnerTap gives partners and sales teams everything they need to automate their account, share and track partner pipeline, identify new sales opportunities, and enable coselling across complex partner account teams. They also provide data sharing controls. Their data can be pushed instantly back into your CRM, so that sales and marketing teams can hold the partner data. Their customers are HPE, Stratascale, ADP, GoTo, VAST Data, Brex and many more.

6. Kiflo

Kiflo helps your business to develop a maintainabke revenue which will lead to success through partnerships. Their products are easy to use. They have a team of professional experts and huge library of resources that ensures stronger partnerships. They develop features that focus on their customers and partners. They provide solutions to get the most out of partner programs. Their main Features are Organizing and Managing Partners, Lead Tracking, Deal Registration and Sharing Assets.

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