Samsung Launches Bixby Marketplace

Bixby Marketplace
Bixby Marketplace

Samsung Launches Bixby Marketplace :- “The Bixby Marketplace is a one-stop shop for users to browse and add a wide range of services (known as capsules) to enhance their Bixby experience,” Samsung excitedly announced on Monday(Samsung Launches Bixby Marketplace).


As with everything Bixby, however, it feels like a budget version of what already exists on the market. The approach is based on Amazon’s Alexa skills program – where third parties can write apps that interact with its digital assistant and

But while the Bixby marketplace has just over 50 “capsules” available at launch that compares to over 90,000 in the Alexa marketplace. Alexa has a clear market lead, but Google Assistant boasts around 5,000 “actions” and even Microsoft has several hundred Cortana skills.

While Amazon has just launched monetization for its Japanese skills and a Spanish language version, Bixby is currently only available in the US and Korea and isn’t accessible through a browser.

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