Keyword Analysis

A keyword analysis is a analysis for SEO and program advertising (SEA).  The Keywords you used in your site help to improve your SEO or your site rank in google. Because of this the  analysis provides insight into the quantity, competition and expected results of a site & help to know about your competitors. As a result, it help to analysis the insight of your website & help to improve your SEO. Hence, It like you site insight problem & help you to achieve the target & tell where you need to make efforts.

A keyword analysis permits SEO and ocean professionals to:

  • Find relevant synonyms
  • Discover negative keywords, which require to be avoid
  • Performance of keywords or phrases
  • Calculate  cost-per-click (CPC), cost-per action (CPA)
  •  Traffic calculator
  •  Keyword Finder
  •  Insights for Search
  •  Search Console
  •  AdWords
  •  Analytics
  • Search engine results pages
  • Microsoft’s AdCenter

The Value of a Keyword Analysis-:

There area unit variety of how to induce monthly search volume, therefore Google keyword planner is the best option for this. It  will help you some special keyword which help your SEO & your google rank. The value of the keyword play an important role in your SEO In other words, keyword help to rank your site in google. In conclusion if your keywords are strong then your site will be rank on google.
Therefore, if you start with google Adwords make sure that you will be chose correct keyword for your site. Hence, google search you keywords with keyword analysis & rank your website. Keywords are the main part of your SEO & also your website if you cannot put focus keyword in your content or your SEO then google analysis not able to rank you. You must need to put focus keyword for the SEO & google ranking  after that google bots crawl your site & check the keywords.