IoT in Quality Control

Nowadays, Quality control is a major concern in industries specifically when we are dealing with biotechnological products and process because it can cause a serious effect. So, Quality control is always remaining a challenge for many organizations and industries. Mostly 90 percent of companies still rely on paper, checklists, and spreadsheets for the analysis of quality, which is time-consuming and prone to error. Basically in an industry, an item is produced by a manufacturer and then, it undergoes quality control procedures, and hopefully, the quality control department will catch some flaw and errors in the product before the product hits the market. These methods never assumed to give a 100 percent accurate results.

Technology can help improve quality control. Specifically, The internet of things can transform this vital corporate function and make a quality check easy. As the Internet of Things (IoT) technology gets faster, more cost-effective, and more reliable, it’s becoming an increasingly vital component of daily life.  Moreover, these provided it solutions can also analyze the equipment performance in real time.

At Ajath, we provide IoT solutions for quality control for industries and organizations. These provided  IoT solutions can monitor the quality of raw materials and finished products at every point during the manufacturing process.