Cross Platform App Development

Cross PlatformAs the name suggests cross platform app, is the development of mobile and desktop applications that are compatible with multiple platforms like Android apps development and iOS apps development , but offer similar functionalities for each platform. The main reason why it is very popular is less time consuming, less development cost, code re-usability, etc. application is known for their simplicity as they use basic languages for scripting, CSS, HTML, C, C#, and Javascript. To make the development of cross-platform applications simple many tools and frameworks are present for the developers to develop good interactive applications.

At Ajath, we combine domain knowledge with technical excellence to deliver high performance and cost-effective results. We specialized in full- service cross-platform development and support to build fully featured quality-rich apps at a competitive price.

With multiple mobile devices and trendy smartphone platforms, we’ve gained expertise in creating multi-platform app development solutions for both Android and iOS devices in the price of one codebase and using the same IDE, language, and APIs.

Why Chose Ajath for Cross Platform Application:

Close to native user Experience
Ready to market apps
High performance across device
Post-deployment AMC support.
Rapid Application time
Powerful Mobile Backend Frameworks

Latest Cross Platform App Development Framework Tools that we Use:


We understand market needs and designs the right mobile strategy for your business and hence we can suggest whether cross-platform will suit your business as Cross-platform apps are not recommended for all types of applications, especially some high-end games or scalable visually rich consumer apps. Our fantastic knowledge with experience in the cross-platform mobile app development combines in-depth research of different business verticals, ensuring the right implementation path for customer success.