Proximity sensor technologies is basically used to convey deeply illustrate customer experience , it is the next edge of digital marketing. Proximity marketing assign to communicating along with customers at the appropriate place, the appropriate time and with deeply relevant and personalised messages , on their smartphones be it acknowledging at the entry points , particular offers in the store path , or appropriating feedback on a advanced product. In this instant marketing is very adequate when concluded with the appropriate situation of area and time. It is accordingly necessary for brands to accept the customer , establish them , and , convey relavant marketing messgaes as best campaign action.

Proximity Marketing solution mutate the market in store experience by given intelligence and tools that facilitate brands to compose knowledgeable business agreement. Beacons technology solutions will help boost in advance store traffic, accept customer alternatives , boost customer faith , analyse product achievement data in real-time, and boost customer commitment.

Businesses , exclusively distribute and real estate, have been concentrate more on location for the closing decade. This is because embracing away to customers without being clear of the area is equal digital marketing, which is no more actual effective for local businesses. After all, marketers and business owners directly understand that the address demand to be extra definite than equal GPS & Geofencing. Here is proximity marketing arrive.

Proximity marketing yet, is extra loose form of location marketing. Leading technologies that could make Proximity marketing appear are Bluetooth beacons , NFC and WiFi. Even nowadays business using proximity marketing solutions for advertisement, loyalty programs, amasing offline data. The large beacon use-cases in real state are as driving traffic and enhancing the buyer’s experience. It can also be done in hospitality and travel like in airports, hotels and for attractive tourist destinations and it can also be done for small buisnesses like a coffee shops, spa and salons and car dealerships.