Attendence tracking mobile app developmentAttendance tracking solution is used to track attendance in MNC ‘s , distributed companies and remote teams. We are experts in developing these types of software in which you are able to track the attendence & also able to developed the mobile app development which are related to this. Basically attendance tracking is very important aspect in any business or company to track how much time does exactly an employee work.Employee do in and out to input their actual work hours manually.

The Software is not only used for taking attendance , it will used to track the sick leaves , vacations , so it will remain easily stay to remaining days left .Attendance tracking is one of the easiest way of maintaining the record of every employee and attendance tracking can be used in colleges and in schools also through the different softwares like ERP is one of them software.

There are also many advantages of attendance tracking that we can track the time hours spent and left in any project and can schedule to the employee , customised reports can be made.Attendance Tracking & Management is very easy and manager can use this to fix the issues as soon as possible that cannot need the end of the month .

It can handle all aspects and can work flexible and easy to use.It is basic necessity for any employee or any organisation to track of the attendance.

At Ajath immediate result can be see which are as follows:

  • Great efficiency with the live attendance .
  • Flexible and cost saving and can increase credibility of client services.
  • Help to track the the availability of employees in the office.
  • It also helps the manager ┬áto able the records as well as it also reduce the paper work.
  • No need to maintain or create file because everything is saved in the software online.